The skills, experience and dedication have made the difference ... They are already trusting Frygy CUBE to garranty cold ... Agro-business. Compliance with laws and regulations relating to refrigerated goods are also very important. Tracking and traceability in the chain through the recording temperature in the vehicle. Flexibility, regularity and punctuality. Transport of various products for industries requiring a controlled temperature. Possibility of transport in bi-temperature. To better inform and communicate with our customers, we use an application of real-time tracking of our vehicles shared with our carriers.
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$ 0.00 of fuel, pollution, 0, 0 tons of CO2, 0 noise on the docks, 0 maintenance.
We are green, green that stays fresher longer.
Frygy Cube system can make the daily delivery a no brainer for the fleet managers. Before loading the vehicle, it must have reached the desired temperature. When this is the case, deliveries can be underway. If the unit is fully stocked leaving the warehouse, the cargo will remain cold throughout the day in every conditions. This failure causes a loss of performance but doesn’t stop the refrigeration system.

The Frygy Cube storage unit is located at the front, inside of the van body. It is composed of six chilling plates of steel sheets coated with zinc. This unit contains a liquid having a solidification temperature of -29 ° C. The six plates are mounted vertically inside a cabinet sheet.